Our Beloved Sadguru Sainath, please listen our humble prayers:

In all the lands may all the sufferings of living beings come to an end!
May the beaten be freed from blows!
May those who are threatened with death be restored to life!
May those who are in tribulations become free from all pain!
May those who suffer hunger and thirst receive food and drink in abundance!
May the blind see and deaf hear and women with children give birth painlessly!
May sounds of pain be nowhere heard in the Universe!

Friday, March 25, 2011

NAVAVANI - a Sanskrit site

In depth and in darkness, word and language shine forth and transform themselves into universe. In the case of Sanskrit, a language that is considered to be the soul of India, the journey of the language has been along with the eternal flow of time. Sanskrit now blesses the contemporary world with its richness of heritage. "loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu" (Let the whole world enjoy well being). There have been attempts from several quarters to imbibe the unadulterated method of Sanskrit literacy to the day to day discourses of the period. This is one such humble effort by Sanskrit teachers of Irinjalakuda Educational District. 'Navavani' does not represent a new language, but the peregrinations of Sanskrit language in new and greener pastures. The language now makes its journey along the latest medium of the day, which has the potential to make the whole world a single village – the Web. Incessant attempts of Sanskrit students of Holy Cross High School, Mapranam have paved the way for this new journey of Sanskrit. We respectfully remember and honour all those who have supported this project, providing it with conceptual clarity and technical guidance.

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